The future
of work in
Latin America

The Future of Work in Latin America presents the findings of a survey conducted in November 2020 with 375+ HR executives across the region.

What you will learn:

Thanks to the participation of our survey participants including BBVA, Beat, Deloitte, Didi, EY, Facebook, Google, Mercado Libre, Michael Page, Nubank, Rappi, Salesforce, Uber and many others, we have learned about the following:

  • REMOTE WORK: How are companies working today and
    what is the plan for the next 12 months?

  • TECHNOLOGY: What tools have teams adopted to tackle
    the challenges posed by the pandemic?

  • JOB SKILLS: What are the most important skills required
    to operate in today's work world?

  • OFFICE SAFETY: What measures are companies adopting to make
    their office safe for back to work?

  • TEAM WELLNESS: How is HR helping employees overcome
    the psychological challenges of COVID-19?

A quick glance at what’s inside:


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